straight from the horse's mouth


  1. Noel and Duece
    Noel and Duece
    "I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Pam upon moving to Vero. I had just purchased a new horse, and was seeking guidance both for myself (I had been riding the same horse for more than twenty years) and training for him. I was looking to regain confidence and my horse, Deuce, required some very patient groundwork and foundational dressage training."
  2. Michelle and Travis
    Michelle and Travis
    "Pam is kind and patient. She has been the best trainer I have ever had! I have learned more in two months from her than I ever have."
  3. John and Hunter
    John and Hunter
    "Your instruction has been a revelation to me. While I had received some previous training some twenty five years ago, that training was - I now realize - both rudimentary and superficial. I have found your carefully building of the basics (leading me through not only the how but also the why of each phase) to be both encouraging and challenging."
  4. Krystal and Kosmo
    Krystal and Kosmo
    "Love working with this woman, her patience, expertise and way of explaining things has worked wonders for myself and my horse. We are consistently making progress."